Workers’ Compensation coverage is one of the primary lines of insurance for us and the insurances companies. We constantly strive to put action to the words, “Business Made Easy”. We relentlessly develop new markets, enhance existing programs and add additional class codes to help you be successful. If you have a tough opportunity, we will have the solution. Please call today and speak to one of the many professional, eager underwriters waiting to help you.

We have solutions for many of your risks including:
  • Hard-to-Place Construction Accounts
  • Insureds with High Experience Modifications
  • New Ventures and/or Insureds with No Prior Insurance
  • Flexible Payments Plans with Low Down Payments
  • USL&H Coverages
  • Aviation Operations
  • Restaurants, and different Business Classes
We make “Business Made Easy” with a comprehensive workers’ compensation online rating program where you can grab a quick and accurate indication.
Thank you for choosing to do business with us. We greatly appreciate your business and the confidence you have shown in our company. We hope to continue to earn your business with superior service and competitive products.