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wedding 1Planning a wedding comes with plenty of stress coupled with and equal amount of reward. There is nothing like planning for the Big Day. Of course, veteran event planners know that sometimes, not everything goes as planned. That’s why it’s a good idea to look into wedding insurance.


Actually, “wedding insurance” is somewhat of a misnomer. A special  event policy can be purchased for other celebrations: a milestone anniversary party, a bar or bat mitzvah, a quinceañera, graduation party or any special occasion. Special event insurance is designed to provide financial protection if you have to cancel or postpone a gathering due to adverse weather and natural disasters such as hurricanes.


Most policies will also cover an event cancellation in the event a death or of serious illness or injury of a main participant, as well as a missing clergy member or key vendor, such as a caterer or photographer.


Coverage may also be available should the bride or groom suddenly be called for military service, tuxedos or gowns become unavailable due to stores going out of business or damage to the clothing, or the necessity to cancel a honeymoon trip due to illness, bad weather or other circumstances.


If you are planning a backyard wedding at your home, you may want to review your homeowners or renters policy to see if any additional liability coverage is needed. Also check to see if your current coverage will cover the loss or theft of wedding gifts and wedding rings. You may need to purchase a one-time endorsement.


Always check with your insurance professional when you have coverage questions. Instead of guessing — maybe wrongly — you will have solid answers and can be certain that you are covered for most unforeseen (and uncontrollable) circumstances.