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There are some lists everyone wants to be on, while other lists are not so popular. When a national-recognized consumer advocacy organization like Consumer Reports publishes results from a study they’ve conducted, the difference between one list and the other can definitely affect sales.

Recently, the group released its list of worst cars for 2016. The magazine chose the vehicles based on various criteria, including road-test score, projected reliability, owner satisfaction and safety. To maintain the integrity of its reports, the group purchases vehicles anonymously directly from dealerships. No special auto company perks are allowed.

Here are the ratings:

  • Lowest-rated subcompact: Mitsubishi Mirage. Cheap to buy and good gas mileage, but its “tiny, tinny” and the three-cylinder engine vibrates.
  • Lowest-rated compact: Fiat 500L. “More people than usual who own this car wish they didn’t”
  • Lowest-rated midsize sedan: Chrysler 200. “A mediocre car.”
  • Lowest-rated compact luxury car: Mercedes-Benz CLA250. “The ride is punishingly stiff.”
  • Lowest-rated midsize luxury car: Lincoln MKS. – “Outdated and outclassed.”
  • Lowest-rated family SUV: Dodge Journey. “This crossover is a poor value anywhere outside of an airport rental lot.”
  • Lowest-rated luxury compact SUV: Land Rover Discovery Sport. “Struggles in comparisons even with mass-market small SUVs.”
  • Lowest-rated large luxury SUV: Cadillac Escalade. “Falls down on the fundamentals as a luxury SUV.”
  • Lowest-rated minivan: Chrysler Town & Country. “It doesn’t even score high for interior room and fuel economy, two areas you’d think a family minivan would do well in.”
  • Lowest-rated green car: Mitsubishi i-MiEV. A “This half-step up from a golf cart is slow, clumsy and still riding.”

“Those models with low predicted reliability and mediocre, or worse, road test performance are simply those that we wouldn’t recommend to family and friends,” said Jeff Bartlett, deputy editor of cars for Consumer Reports. “And combining these ratings puts data behind that guidance.”

Hopefully, your new car is not among the “winners.”