swimming pool 2

The weather has been great, you are getting back in to swimsuit shape, and your backyard pool is beckoning. You are thinking about barbecues, pool parties, and enjoying a nice water-centric summer season. Of course, something like a swimming pool can have become a liability issue.

First off, be sure your insurance company knows you have a pool if you do. Not listing it on your homeowners policy will probably result in a denied claim should you file one. Where most people see the focus of great backyard parties, insurers see increased risk. That, of course, is what drives insurance rates.

If you have a homeowners or renters policy, it should cover for bodily injury of someone other than residents of the insured home if they are injured – up to the limits of the policy. The personal liability coverage should cover medical costs for the injured party including emergency room, ambulance charges and follow-up medical visits. You may want to purchase additional liability insurance; maybe up to $300,000 to $500,000.An umbrella liability policy is not a bad thing, either, say for an additional $1 million of liability protection.

Your homeowners insurance policy may cover any personal liability for personal injury to guests or visitors. However it would most likely provide very little coverage for damage to the swimming pool itself. If the pool itself is above average in cost (expensive material, special design, etc.) and/or has special features, such as a waterfall, you may want to consider a special endorsement. You may also wish to consider that most damage to the in-ground pools consists of cracking from ground movement or maintenance type issues to pool equipment, which most likely will not be covered by a standard home insurance policy.

Having a swimming pool can be a great thing, especially in the middle of a sweltering day. Inviting friends and family over can make you a very popular person. Just remember all of the potential implications of being that great friend. Talk with your insurance professional and see that an insurance claim won’t ruin your summer.